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Research seminar day in Stockholm: innovation and the reshaping of the city


Alta Scuola Politecnica students enrolled in Marco Facchinetti’s MIND project will attend on October, 7th a one day research and studies seminar day about innovation.

During the second phase of the project, students are requested to learn from different experiences, already open to innovation and precisely they should focus on places where innovation has already started re shaping the city and the region. For these reasons, we selected Stockholm as a dynamic regional environment, and we all would like to learn:
– how regional and urban management are working together to promote a different future for the city
– how innovation as a paradigm is re shaping some areas within the city/region, how it is able to bring urbanity back to region and how it is mixing up uses, behaviors, interests and creativity
– how innovation districts can really become a new urban feature, able to change urban planning agenda; how they work in Stockholm, which urban planning devices are supporting them and how strategic is the regional planning frame surrounding them

On their side, students will present their first analysis on the Milan case study, and together with Marco Facchinetti will illustrate the first frame to introduce the November, 16th 2016 International Conference about innovation in urban region, organized in Milano. Stockholm together with Barcelona and Chicago will be presented in Milano, discussing at the same time together with local, city and metro organization the future of redevelopment.

pdf-iconFull presentation of the day

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